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Want to write a novel, but not sure where to start?
Need to brush up on your storytelling skills?
Looking to launch your creative writing career?

This novel writing course developed and taught by author and professional writer, Andrew Buckley, is designed to help those who are thinking of writing a novel, have started writing a novel, want to start a novel, or are just looking for something really awesome and inspiring to kick them in the creative rear end!

By taking you on a storytelling journey, right from the foundational basics, through the labyrinth of character development, conflict, setting, and act structure, emerging on the other end a hardened literary warrior, unafraid to hold your pen aloft and scream your war cry into the chaotic winds of the publishing world! Or something to that effect.

33 Lessons

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Module #1 | Intro to Novel Writing

Introducing the Wonderful World of Novel Writing

Why this course is for you.

About the Instructor

Let us introduce...

Module #2 | It’s All Part of the Plan - Story Planning

Intro to Module 2

Ideas, Genres, and Trends

Son of a Pitch Session

Researching for Your Novel

Plan Your Research

Picking Your Point of View

Story Structure & Planning

Story Planning Worksheet

Module #3 | Slapping People in the Face with a Fish

Intro to Module 3

Opening Lines

Opening Lines Exercise

First Chapters

Module #4 | How to Develop Awesome Characters

Intro to Module 4

Good vs. Evil - Protag vs. Antag

Character Arcs and Archetypes - The Hero’s Journey

Character Development Tips

Archetype Recap Quiz

Module #5 | The Hero’s Journey in 456 Simple Steps

Intro to Module 5

The Hero’s Journey - A 12 Step Program to a Solid Story

Hero’s Journey Recap Quiz

Module #6 | Making and Breaking the 3 Act Structure

Intro to Module 6

The 3-Act Structure

Breaking the Rules and an Exercise

Module #7 | Writing Real Dialogue

Intro to Module 7

Writing Out Loud

Mechanics of Dialogue

Dialogue Formatting Quiz

Module #8 | Procrastination and Motivation

Intro to Module 8

The Procrastination Factor

Staying Motivated - Andrew’s 6 Methods to Kill Procrastination

Module #9 | Publishing 101

Intro to Publishing